As I recollection of January 2013:
I realize, it is the first month of the year that I started to live a life with the purpose of happiness. In this year, I tried to find myself and do things that I always wanted to do. I guess, what I realize was that I have been living a life of on and off  happiness about myself. When, I say on is when I am happy about myself, when I say off, is when I am comparing myself to others. However, if I do it right, one time is enough. 

My achievements for January: 
I made my own flower crown
I went to Osaka for the first time.
I am eating healthy and having some treats on the side. 
I went to watch Korean 2012 for the first time.


First time at Coco curry. I went to coco curry with Min. It was super delicious, but it was too spicy. You can order the amount of rice, and the spicy of the curry.

CoCo Curry
Hot mango
Korean week

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