Spring 2012

Feature Piece :

w i d e sleeve grey dress

I got this piece at a thrift store. I know the shape of this dress is a bit  weird. It just kinda hangs off you.
Here is a picture of wearing the dress. 

Well, I'm sure that nearly every girl has a loose dress that they don't know how to coordinate it, is probably stuffed in the back of the closet.

How I would recycle this outfit into a semi formal style :

1) black cardigan 2) polka dot tights 3) Feature piece This outfit is  perfect for a date in the spring or little house party. The polka dot tight is just tiny bit playful along with the star on the cardigan. However, the colors is a bit blend and safe which is why it is perfect for semi formal. on a side note: I really want to spring to come! I can't wait for spring. I can not stand the cold any longer! I'm planning to do a skirt next, floral pattern. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend I will try to update a few more times. tell me what you guys think ^^

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