YES or NO?
Okay, I am going to make a confession. A little while ago, I was browsing through  March catalog on Vogue website, some shoes really caught my eye. They made me wonder if they are really wearable. 

I have to admit, this is a yes for me. At first glance, I was thinking, is that a slipper. On the site, there are even yellow versions of these.  Although, it can be quite hard coordinate with clothes. However, recently fur coats are worn a lot on the street style front. This is might be the next new trend.


Okay, this is a straight, No for me.  These are very interesting. They remind me of wedge sneakers at first, only more its like combat boots married a pair of clown shoes and grew an inch. 

This is a no for me. However, it is very futuristic. 


This is yes but, I wouldn't know how to move in these. I admire the models who wear these, but they do give girls the height they want. 


This is a yes for me. I really have to say the shape is quite nice. Very good witch of Oz. 

This is a no for me. Although, I can see this being wore, the elements in this shoes is just not elegant for me. 

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