Dolce and Gabbana's Spring Collection 2013

When, I saw the D&G's spring collection for 2013, my thought immediately went to Matahari.  Matahari, the female spy who did intelligence for different country.  From, this collection the Matahari element is mainly channeled in the headband look, large, colorful ear rings and the patterns for their dresses. While the D&G's winter collection for 2012-13 was closer and has a stronger resemblance to the movie that was produce in  1931, staring  Greta Garbo as MataHari.  The dress varies from both day look to a flawless night look I can easily imagine Matahari wearing these dresses as she tries get to her information. The Spring collection is shows a modern, sexier, edgier version of my imaginary MataHari.  

(Click the image for a better look)

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