When Love Arrives by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye
…Love grew
Stretched like a trampoline 
Love changed
Love disappeared

Like baby teeth
Losing parts of me
I thought I needed

Love vanished 
Like an amateur magician
Everyone could see the trap door 
but me
Like a flat tire
There were other places 
I had planned on going
But my plans didn’t matter
Love stayed away for years
And when Love finally reappeared
I barely recognized him
Love smelled different now
Had darker eyes
A broader back
Love came with freckles 
I didn’t recognize
New birthmarks 
A softer voice
Now there were new sleeping patterns
New favorite books
Love had songs that
reminded him 
of someone else
Songs Love didn’t like to listen to
So did I
But we found a park bench 
that fit us perfectly…

This is the full poem. 

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